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At Your Essay Tutor, our experience has shown that certain approaches to the admissions essay work better than others. Most importantly, Your Essay Tutor will help you to strategically tailor your essay to make your application stand out.

If you are just getting started, or if you’re having serious writer’s block, we will sit down with you, one on one, and will help you from brainstorming through the completion of your first draft.

If you already have a draft, Your Essay Tutor will offer feedback on the content and approach of your essay, as well as general editing / proofreading tips. We take a good start and help you polish it for the admissions officer’s eyes.

We offer in person Essay Tutoring in Cincinnati. Let us help your application shine!

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Blake Taylor Tutoring A Student.
Myth #1

I can "write" my way into my dream school.

Reality : Sorry, but there is no substitute for the hard work you do in school and at home every day, every year. This is what determines your grades and test scores, and this is the biggest determining factor in college admissions.

So, why is the college admissions essay important? Colleges have many more qualified candidates than they can admit. Assume that there are dozens if not hundreds of candidates with the same scores and grades as you. Now what? How do you convince the college to choose you? That's where your essay comes in.

Myth #2

My admissions essay is my chance to show that I'm smart.

Reality: No, that's not the point. Your grades and scores are supposed to show your brains and work ethic. An essay can help you showcase your writing skills, but not your brains.

So, what is the purpose of the admissions essay? Colleges know that what makes them great is a vibrant and diverse student body. Colleges want more out of students than just brains. They want students who will make their campus a stimulating, intellectually challenging, and humane place. Colleges want students with a spark. Your admissions essay is how you show them yours. A good essay gets you noticed and makes you unforgettable.