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Your Essay Tutor is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. One-on-One tutoring sessions are available only in the Greater Cincinnati area (Packages One and Three). Package Two is available through email and phone correspondence

Package One: In the Beginning

This option is designed to get you from ground zero to a working draft. This is the most hands-on option as a tutor will meet with you in person to brainstorm and work together on strategies and ideas for your admissions or scholarship essay. Prior to our first meeting, we will send you idea-generating activities to make our time together more productive and efficient. After our meeting, your tutor will be available via email to answer questions as you write.

Once you have hammered out your first draft, we will meet once more to discuss your draft and any suggestions for revision. This meeting will focus mainly on content and approach, and less on style and proofreading. At this point, you will be well on your way, apart from minor revisions, editing, and proofreading.

You get:

  • Pre-writing materials
  • In-person planning conference
  • Email drafting help
  • Follow-up 1st draft conference

Price: $250

Package Two: The Pursuit of Perfection

This option is designed for those who already have a working draft, but want feedback on both the content and craft of their essay. It might be too short. It might be too long. It might be a bit "flat" or bland. It might be almost ready. We will analyze your first draft, offer suggestions on your ideas, approach, and craft. Then, you will then make any changes / additions / cuts to your draft and send a revised draft back to us for a second look during which we will focus more closely on proofreading and style issues.

You get - two drafts edited:

  • Close reading of first essay draft - feedback on approach, ideas, and craft.
  • Editing of revised draft - focus on proofreading and style.
  • Email feedback during revision process.

Price: $100

Packages One and Two Combo: We help you through it all!

From brainstorming conference through two revisions.

Price: $300